Apple Power

100% Certified Organic Whole Apple (Malus pumila) Powder
(Cold Temperature-Dried)—Whole apple including phytonutrient-rich peel

USA Grown


Features and Specifications:

Synergized Apple Power is 100% certified organic, kosher heirloom apple powder and includes the polyphenol-rich peel. An apple a day really does keep the doctor away—that is, if it is certified organic and the whole fruit!

Synergized Ingredients has created the purest, most bioactive and delicious whole apple powder there is. We use an exclusive blend of heirloom organic apples hand-picked at their peak ripeness and sweetness when their health-promoting properties are at their most abundant. The result, Apple Power, is utterly nutritious and scrumptious.

Apple Power is exceptionally high in 100% natural antioxidants and phytochemicals including flavonoids, polyphenols, procyanidins, fruit pectin, boron, quercetin, and fiber. Research indicates that consuming whole apples can help prevent cell and tissue damage, fight cancer, protect the heart, support healthy lungs, reduce cholesterol, accelerate gastrointestinal healing, and slow the aging process.

Truth be known, nearly all other apple powders in the marketplace are poor quality products that are either leftover waste residue after commercial juicing has already occurred or rejected apples considered unfit for the marketplace. This means that either most of the bioactive components have already been removed from the apples or the nutrient-rich apple peel has been bruised and damaged. Furthermore, these other products are subjected to high heat and adulterated with nonnutritive carriers. The resulting product tastes like sawdust, at best, and is not surprisingly lacking in its essential, beneficial compounds.

With our exclusive Synergized Apple Power, on the other hand, you will find all of the apples’ precious cargo preserved including the juice and polyphenol-rich peel. Apple Power is 100% certified organic, kosher, cold-temperature processed, and 100% apple with no chemicals, carriers, and absolutely no compromises whatsoever.

Apple Power is simply the purest, most nutritious, bioactive, and delicious apple powder in the world.

The above statements are for informational purposes only. Under no circumstances should any claims made herein related to diseases or health conditions appear on product labels or in advertising.

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